My name is Lee, and I make noise.


Currently based in Brisbane QLD, you can call me SunkenForest.

From a young age I have been in love with creativity in all forms. I was that quiet kid getting detention for scribbling on the desks at the back of the class, or sketching out Street Fighter II characters for classmates.

After leaving high school with my wry smile still very much intact, I somehow managed to secure a job as a full time graphic designer; and spent my spare time exploring audio as a hobby. After spending the best part of a decade immersing myself in the world of music production, I forged some recognition as a local dance music producer and gained label support (while simultaneously tricking other bands that my midi programming was an actual drummer).

After that I figured that was as far as I could take it at that time…

Fast forward to present day and I am every bit obsessed with sound and its manipulation as when I was first exposed to my parents dusty record collection. Now focusing on sound design, foley recording and post production, I absorbed the Australian sunshine and the mentality that you can make your dreams a reality with perseverance and determination.

I guess I never grew out of the desk phase.

– SunkenForest